anon: why do you ship liper? No hate, just wondering

Liper doesn’t conform to any kind of common relationship dynamics 
that makes people ship two people together regardless of the lack
of interaction and chemistry (ex. Leyna and Caleo’s “Hot And Cold”
 dynamic). Except for the fact their parents are Hephaestus and Aphrodite,
 they clash together in a way that it is not compatible in terms of their
past and personalities and yet they found a way to be friends.

How people portray Leo and Piper’s relationship is that they’re always
 joking, making fun of each other, pulling pranks, etc. And that’s one
of the things that connected them together, if not the only thing that
people make a connection with. But have you ever wondered how they
became friends in the first place? Their pre-The Lost Hero characterization
 makes them unlikely to be friends, it makes you wonder how they became close.

I get that people like Leo and Piper only as friends or siblings, but adding
 a statement where romance or any form of levelling up their relationship
 will destroy their friendship just doesn’t make sense to me. And the
most ironic thing is sometimes the people who say this, seriously ship
 the most shallow pairings together who barely interacted in canon.
It’s just natural for best friends to be together isn’t it? They’ll make
the relationship work. I love them as friends but I also love them as
a couple or just a pair of zucchinis together.

Their relationship development is so natural and realistic compared
 to every other ship in this series, especially in The Lost Hero. The
helicopter scene gives us a really short but meaningful conversation
between the characters. While there are several one-on-one scenes with
 other characters, this doesn’t involve about battle strategies, their quests,
their own insecurities, or talking about someone else, this one
is about themselves. And it’s not about a conversation where they reassure
 that their relationship is doing okay and not going one step backward, it’s
them moving two steps forward.

One of the worst offenses in this series is that Rick Riordan tells us that the
 characters have strong bonds with each other (especially among the girls in
 the series), but he doesn’t show it, and it just makes artificial for me, which is
 a huge waste of everything. (Like Rick forgot to write a chapter about the
development between two characters he wrote simple sentences about the
state of their relationship to make up for it and stuck somewherein someone’s POV.)
 I did not feel the connection that Leo and Piper have with other friendships
and relationships.

TL;DR I ship Liper because it’s one of the most natural things in the series.
 It’s been five years since I first started shipping it and I am so heavily invested
in this ship there is no more escape for me from this self-inflicted hell. save
yourselves before this ship pulls you in